US EPA Region 8 and Office of Research and Development Technical Assistance for Mine Waste and Abandoned Mine Lands Investigation and Remediation.  Provided expert technical assistance on mine waste, abandoned mine lands, and Superfund mining and processing site investigation and remediation to EPA regional Remedial Project Managers, Office of Water, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, and Office of Research and Development, as well as numerous federal, state and local agencies, community groups, and other stakeholders.  Assisted with RI/FS, treatability studies, and remedial design at numerous major abandoned and Superfund mining and processing sites in EPA Region 8 including: Summitville, California Gulch, Central City/Clear Creek, Eagle Mine Upper Animas River Basin Standard Mine, Captain Jack, Smuggler Mountain, and Asarco Globe Plant (Colorado); Upper Tenmile Creek, Basin Creek Mining Area, Anaconda Smelter, Butte Hill/Silver Bow Creek/Butte Area, Clark Fork River Basin, Milltown Reservoir, and Libby Asbestos (Montana); Midvale Slag and Richardson Flat Tailing (Utah); and Gilt Edge (South Dakota).  Led development and application of hydrologic and metals fate and transport models at mine sites, including the Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WASP) and Metals Exposure and Transformation Assessment (META4) model.  Provided technical support to development of innovative remediation technologies including passive sulfate reducing bioreactors and permeable reactive barriers.  Led collaborative workshops and conferences on state-of-the-art mine site modeling and cleanup.  Served on US EPA National Mining Team, Mine Waste Technology Program committees, and Rocky Mountain Regional Hazardous Substances Research Center Technical Advisory Board.  Performed and published applied research on metals fate and transport modeling and mine site restoration. 


Regional Evaluation of Mining-Related Metals Contamination, Risks, and Innovative Remediation Technologies in Ukraine and Georgia.  US EPA Office of Research and Development, Office of International Affairs, US State Department, Science and Technology Center of Ukraine.  Directed an international collaborative research project in the two Former Soviet Union countries of Ukraine and Georgia to (1) characterize the regional extent and significance of mining-related acid mine drainage and metals contamination in groundwater and surface water in two large priority mining-districts and the associated human health risks, and (2) determine what innovative characterization and remediation technologies are used, available, or being developed that could address these problems.  The project included field sampling and analysis of metals and related contaminants in groundwater, surface water, soils and wastes, and evaluation of ecological and human health risks.  The effectiveness of the use of a permeable reactive barrier, combined with sulfate reducing bacteria, was also investigated, including bench-scale laboratory studies and a field-scale pilot/demonstration of the technology to determine feasibility and cost effectiveness.